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Default Re: Exit Realty

I've had several of these companies contact us to recruit (where one of goes the other will go).

My opinion is this:

I've seen the market share they have and I'm not impressed. Less than 2% in my area.

I've seen the technology they use and I'm not impressed. Each franchise is independent and can do as they please. In my area, these offices don't allow agents to have unique competing websites. Give me a break!

I've heard the commission splits, pyramid incomes and I'm not impressed. A pyramid scheme is still a pyramid scheme, no thanks! New agents actually make less than what other offices offer because you are starting at the bottom. Not to mention, most have the agent paying so many fees the actual percentage is closer to 50 or 60% not what they advertise!

I've seen the available training and I'm not impressed. The available training I have seen doesn't even come close to what our current agency offers. The major companies have invested an incredible amount of time and money to provide quite a bit of training and materials. Independents and smaller companies just can not compete with that.

Some of the training we have received as brand new agents from an independent broker went like this:

Broker: "We offer free and complete training for you as long as you are with the company".
Me: "Well what kind of training do you provide, what areas should I focus on?".

Broker: "Well, you can ask me any question you want".
Me: "Um, ok so what questions should I ask".

Broker: "Anything at all. You can ask me anytime, any question."
Me: "Ok, thanks... See ya!"

Sheesh - What the heck kind of training is that?

Thanks for reading.

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