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Default Re: Exit Realty

I would totally agree with Eric Bramlett on this one. Combining the recruiting sales with real estate sales often results in LESS net income and not more. We actually track how agents do in our market when they go from one brokerage to the other. It happens that way almost 100% of the time. Remember your goal is to increase your NET INCOME.

IMHO, there are 3 major components of a great place to hang your shingle: 1) Does your office provide market presence to make it EASY to list (unless you have an established referral base ala JudyO). Do they have an internet strategy? That is a plus! 2) Do they provide great training 3) A fee structure that allows you to succeed RELATIVE to the marketing support they provide.

The residual for assaulting your fellow REALTORs in every conversation IMHO is kind of like tying a pork chop around your brokerages neck to make the dog like you. We are considering such a program at our brokerage right now, BobbyJ.

I think what is of more value than the minimal most get in return is the 4200 leads that our brokerage will generate this year for our agents. At our current closing rate that will be 150 closings spread equally over 110 agents...

Then there's hands on training with e-commerce and the like. Sounds like that trumps the pittance that you might get from having to recruit FOR your broker. (grin) Also this will MORe than make up for differences in costs.



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