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Default Re: Exit Realty

Hi, worked there for a year, survived but never prospered. Left 4 days after my contrcat came due, went to RE/MAX. It costs me about $15,000 (private office with a year to be here plus about $10,000 in my personal marketing so on a $100,000 year, I am already making a few thousand more then Exit and when I meet people I do not have to justify who RE/MAX is and what we do. But wait it gets better, every penny over 100k is 95% mine as all my fees and advertising is already paid. Exit goes to 85/15 after 100k so you see it generates people who tend to not produce, (oh and there is a 3% transaction fee so you really are 67/33) not the type a newer agent needs to surrond themselves with. Listen I have been happy at RE/MAX for over 5 years now and Exit long ago folded in my area, but this is not to say RE/MAX rules, just pointing out that Exit doesn't. Get the best split you can with any brand name company( helps until you have a good data base) and make sure the broker/manager is going to be there for you and you will do fine.

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Dino Fantasia said...

I read your blog and i`m confused.Your telling me to start at feemax you had to pay 25k.How much did it cost to start at EXIT?It`s all based on what you put into it.We have had our brokerage for 3 years and have shown steady growth , along with 22k in residuals this year alone. Feemax has more fees , ridiculous.Your paying them 1100 a month to work there , along with transaction fees , desk fees and fees for everything else. Good luck.