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01-29-2007, 09:47 PM
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Default Re: Exit Realty

That business model makes no sense. Your recruits have to at least match your own production, otherwise you're paying an extra 10% to your higher-up for at least some of your money.

So what if your recruits aren't working? You're forced to spend time hiring more, or you just stop working as much since paying 10% to someone for doing you a favor and bringing you in is not what anyone wants to do.

Not sure why anyone would subject themselves to this scam, when there are plenty of great brokerages of all types, with great splits and training.

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Dino Fantasia said...

Why is it you people dont understand , You have to work , recruiting is just what it is . If you recruit does not have any sales , there is no money out of your pocket.We made over 25k this year in residual income. it`s a proven system. All you people working for KW have the mlm skean and are brainwashed. Profit sharing,lol the broker gets 52% of all profit and the rest is split in the office. I had a friend get $6.13 check.At EXIT its 10%off the topso out of 10k on a 70/30 split .7k to agent 2k to broker and 1k to sponsor ..its not that had to follow