Saturday, March 31, 2007

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Default Re: Exit Realty

There! That's exactly what they want you to believe. I've googled many realtor forums on the internet and most people who've been with Exit say it was all empty promises. Just like the Keller Williams residuals amount to pennies (that I've heard from several successful agents who left KW). It's really a scam, or rather a ploy.

First off, you get 10% for doing nothing just because you recruited someone. Does that seem like a viable business model? Then your broker gets some, etc. The agent who makes the commission gets less of a split. The only way the system works is if you keep hiring more suckers. The smart ones will leave where they can make more.

Also, if that's your retirement plan, you're screwed, buddy. What if the whole franchise goes out of business (not unlikely)?

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