Saturday, March 31, 2007

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Default Re: Exit Realty


It reminds me of Amway...does anyone remember that)

Yes they give you 70% to start, yes they will give you $$ for bringing on agents...but you top out with that. $10,000 max...(even though thats pretty nice).

Anyway, their fees are high. It cost me $$$$ alot to join, you must pay their franchise fee immediately, when you sell you have some pretty high fees, if im not mistaken, i took and average comission and according to my calculations the end result was like 52% after all was paid, maybe less. Thats for a new agent.

They didnt want to pay for alot of advertising, maybe 50% of my first ad. I get 50% for ALL my advertising now.

What bothered me more than anything, was the agents attitude, scary but i thought some were brain washed.

These are only MY opinions, thats need to find out for yourself, i left after 4 weeks.

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