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Why is your company the best?
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Date: February 16, 2006 10:15PM

"Norm, why is that Keller Williams is the fastest growing real estate company in North America. And is 10 times the size of Remax in the same business year?"

Those are numbers I'VE never heard...

Here is what I got from their corporate sites:

Open Offices : 5,400+
Active Agents : 130,000 +-

Coldwell Banker:
Open Offices : 3,700
Active Agents : 120,000

Open Offices : 6,600
Active Agents : 110,000

Keller Williams:
Open Offices : 547
Active Agents : 58,810

ERA: - (Oddly low ratio of agents/office)
Open Offices : 2,800
Active Agents : 36,000

Exit Realty:
Franchises Sold: 800 ** They didn't mention number of open offices
Active Agents : 21,400

Speed of growth means little. I've seen new franchises pop-up and then drop. In order for this to be a true comparison, we'd need to see how many of these were new offices, how many ditched one frachise for a new one, how long they've kept them and how big their market share is.

And the comments about top agents joining ______ from RE/MAX means little. Especially since they are one of the largest companies out there. The agents I know that make more than a million a year in commissions are with RE/MAX. And haven't left and have no plans to...

And my comments about Exit stand. Not only is it the silliest franchise name I've ever heard (and you should hear what some consumers have said - LOL - they aren't nearly as nice) but because all agents are only being pitched the "residuals" concept they are getting most agents who are recruiting and not making sales.

Their whole pitch is "think residuals". How is this NOT like a pyramid or MLM?? In order to make money, SOMEONE has to make a sale. And this means if you want residuals you need to find other agent who are capable of making sales for you.

Though it is a trend I am seeing more often. RealtyWorld now has one (though I hardly see any RealtyWorld offices around).

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Thomas said...

You are a total scammer yourself by using Exit's name.